My trip to the denist pays dividends today.

Oral-B Professional Care SmartSeries 5000

I went to the dentist today. He was running a promotion on the latest and greatest Oral B Pro Care 3D Smart Series 5000, for $35, retail $159.99 (Target). I actually bought this from his office. He had some promotional kits to sell, and I got the last one. It comes with 4 different brush heads, two regulars, one sensitive, and one “power tip”. Can’t wait to see what that does. It has this very technical timer gadget that times for two minutes for regular cleaning, and up to three for deep cleaning, and it tells you which quadrant of your mouth to work on and when. It has five different brushing modes: daily clean, whitening, massage, sensitive, and deep clean. It has Floss technology! That’s great because I am not good about flossing. I need that! It even comes with a handy case to store all of your brush heads. Lord, I’ll have to read the instructions, but it comes with a CD that demonstrates the whole thing.

I’ve been wanting a new Oral B, since I’ve have had mine for maybe 10 years, but didn’t really want to fork out $100+ bucks for it. I can’t say enough about my Oral B. I haven’t had any cavities or any dental work at all other than regular cleanings since I got it. It really does clean many times better than brushing with a regular toothbrush.

I couldn’t believe the deal I got today!!!!!! $160 kind of hurts, $35, not a big deal. Oh yea, and it came with free full sizes of toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss.  How can brushing your teeth make a person so excited?!?!?! BTW, I hate going to the dentist, but I LOVE my dentist, he’s so nice, and he’s the greatest! Dr. Robert McDade, love ya, man! He always gives me a brand new toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste when I visit, so I put the toothbrushes in a drawer for guests. I have brand new toothbrushes coming out my ears, so come and visit people. Forget your toothbrush? No problem!

Got to go charge this baby up, so I can use it! This is also an incentive to clean my master bath. Who wants to put a spiffy new toothbrush in a dirty bathroom?

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Oral-B, Crest, or Dr. McDade other then for the care of my teeth. In all fairness, I will post a review after I use the product.

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