Elizabeth Ann’s Very First Blog EVER! (like on a REAL blog site)

YAY! I am so thrilled to create my first blog page! I am actually initiating this blog as a requirement for a COMM class that I am taking, Communications Technology, but I have always wanted to establish one. I have never blogged before, other than on Facebook or Myspace, which typically consisted of things in life that tick me off or some random humorous incident that might have happened, but this feels a little more “serious”, so I will try to write some things that are truly worthwhile, and optimistically, some people will find what I have to say to be enjoyable and interesting. I rather take pleasure in writing, and I keep a personal journal that I update several times a week. I am very analytical, therefore I hold a propensity to over-think, so journaling helps me to keep this captivating world in perspective and keep myself grounded. I actually write better than I speak. Now and again I struggle to find the right words or any words at all, that I wish to verbalize at a given moment in time. Thus, the beauty of writing is that one is able to reflect upon what is stated before opening one’s mouth. I imagine at least some of those who know me well may agree that, occasionally, my spoken words are better left within the realm of my brain. I tend to be quite honest and very direct, which gets me into trouble at times. Nevertheless, my heart is generally in the right place. In any case, perhaps I will elaborate more on that later. This is my first post, so I will give a brief introduction.

I am excited to be a Communications Major at University of Louisville. I just began the program over last summer 2009, and the more I read about Communications through the courses I am taking and how it affects society, the more interested I become. I enjoy photography, writing, reading, learning, cooking, and being creative, so I am anxious to find my niche within this discipline and discover a more focused area of study.

I currently work for a hospital full-time and I have been there for going on three years. I enjoy working in the health care industry, and I hope to continue pursuit of this industry when I obtain my BS, or BA, (not sure which yet). Prior to my current position, I was a Food Scientist at YUM Brands in the Product Development Dept. for eight years, so I played with food. During my tenure there, I developed some culinary skills as well as an enthusiasm for cooking. I also hold a Real Estate license for the state of Kentucky. A passion of mine is photography and photo editing, so my intention is that someday I will be able to apply this skill to my Communications career.

I spend my typical day working, studying, and chores, and when I get a few spare moments I work on my photography, spend time with my family, and sleep. That is my life.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth Ann’s Very First Blog EVER! (like on a REAL blog site)

  1. Lisa,
    You did an awesome job. I give you and A+. that is if i were your teacher. It sounds like you enjoy life to the fullest extent. Congrats to you for that.
    By the way who is that cute little girl in the pictures?

  2. I am so proud of my daughter. You sound as if you belong to a much more intelligent and talented family than the one I know is yours. Keep up the good work. Wishing you much success.

  3. Wow! I agree with your Mom! You are truly a wonderful writer! What about a book? I would buy it! I hope to be able to follow and enjoy your blog frequently. I also went back to school and received a Bachelor’s in Business to complement my nursing degree. Very hard to work full-time and go to school. I know what you are going through. We have come a long way from Huntington Jr. College!

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